A to Z Blogging


I did a 31 pages of writing in March challenge and had a great time with it.

Many people took an A to Z writing challenge last month. They blogged about something that started with each letter of the alphabet during the month of April. My friend Myrna and I are going to take the challenge in the month of May. If you would like to come a long with us in this journey, we would love to have you.

Since there are 31 days in May, I’ll be taking Sundays off from the challenge, but will start with A on May 2nd. As you know, I’m finishing up a story for submission and want to put all energy towards that to make my deadline.

Keep on writing!


Published by

Selma P. Verde

Plans the jet set life for others as an aircraft scheduler by day and coordinates a family life for my fiancée, two kids and a dog by night. Writing is a passion that I can't let go of. I struggle to make time to write, but I keep plugging away at it. I have lived in Minnesota all of my life and continue to love the four seasons and ten thousand lakes the state is known for. Some of my favorite places to write and create are by many of those lakes. Be sure to look for my first published book, The Hard Way, on Amazon.com.

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