D is for Dog


One of the most loyal partners a person will have in their lives. Our dog is no exception. She has been with us for eleven and a half years. I brought her home when she was six weeks old just after Thanksgiving in 2003. They say it isn’t the best idea to bring a pet into the house over the holidays. It was hard, but I would do it all  again to wind up with her. We spent a lot of time together in the beginning which is what I think helped her to become the sweet dog she is today.

Loyality is an adjective frequently used to describe dogs. They are found laying in beds with their dying owners, staying by their side until the end. They also protect people by putting their lives on the line for them. For being just an animal, they seem to have a lot of intuition about things and the people around them.

When she focuses her sight on me, I see the adoration in her eyes. Sometimes I feel bad that I may not give her as much as she gives to me. I’m amazed at how much unconditional love they have to offer.

After they give their hearts and souls to us, we must help them when it becomes time for them to go. As heart wrenching as it is for us to do, it is in their best interest. We enter into that agreement when we first take them home and into our hearts. I’m having a hard time imagining that time for us now, but I’m grateful for what she gives me everyday.


Published by

Selma P. Verde

Plans the jet set life for others as an aircraft scheduler by day and coordinates a family life for my fiancée, two kids and a dog by night. Writing is a passion that I can't let go of. I struggle to make time to write, but I keep plugging away at it. I have lived in Minnesota all of my life and continue to love the four seasons and ten thousand lakes the state is known for. Some of my favorite places to write and create are by many of those lakes. Be sure to look for my first published book, The Hard Way, on Amazon.com.

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