Book Review – Conspiracy 365 – February by Gabrielle Lord

Once again, I found a book in our house to review. One of the boys had it in his room. I think it might have been one he read for sophomore English this year. It looked interesting, but the fact it said February on it made me wonder if I should read it before the January one.

Our book club read a book in a middle of a series for one of our monthly reads. Thunder Bay, by William Kent Krueger, the seventh book in the series. Since we read that one, I have gone back and read most of the series (I finished book #10 and Jim has read through #11) of sixteen. His books could all be read without having read the previous ones. But, if I had read the books in order, I would have learned more about the main character’s back story.

The Bully’s Way is the second book in The Way Series I am preparing for an alpha read in September.  I have heard when writing a series, the author wants to have it fit into the series, but also be readable on its own. So the reader doesn’t have to read the first one to enjoy book two. It is something I will keep in mind as I continue to write the books in The Way series.

Selma’s Book Review

Book Title

Conspiracy 365 – February


Gabrielle Lord

Type of Book

Middle Grade/YA mystery and suspense. This is the second book of a twelve book series.


Lord is an Australian author known as ‘The Queen of Crime Fiction’.

The books were all published in 2010 and made into a mini television series in 2012 in Australia. Each segment of the television show was aired the first Saturday of each month through out the year. There are a total of seventeen books in the series, with additional storyline played out in the last five books.

Summary of Story

Callum Ormond is a fourteen year old boy on the run from the police and violent gangs. He has to find the answer to some research that his dad was working on before he died and has to stay alive for 365 days to do it. He lives in junk yards and abandoned houses to avoid all of those who are chasing him.

Reactions to book

The story was good. Lord kept the action moving and kept me reading. I found it may have been helpful to read January first to have more continuity in the story line. The book seemed to get a little long in parts, but as a 40 minute tv show, it may not have felt as long. It was probably written that way to get the story into the twelve segments.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of this book or any others in the series, you can find them here Conspiracy 365 Series

To learn more about the author, be sure to check out her website Gabrielle Lord.


M is for Mystery

The song by the Beatles, “Magical Mystery Tour” are you ready to go on one?

I know, another double letter score. But I won’t claim that one due to the fact that it is not in the title of the blog entry today.

I loved to read the Nancy Drew detective series growing up. I could relate to her and was interested in the cases that she had to solve. I remember going to Toys R Us with my Dad and picking out a book about once a month. After getting a couple of them, it soon turned into collecting the entire series. I even added them to my list for Santa! I have them safe in storage to eventually put on shelves in my house. I think I’m currently missing seven of them. It’s a goal of mine to find the rest of them and make the series complete.

There are other classic mystery writers like Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock and Sir Conan Doyle who wrote about the character Sherlock Holmes. There are also notable modern day ones like Sue Grafton with her alphabet murder mystery series. Kind of like the A to Z blogging project! I’m also a big fan of William Kent Krueger and the Cork O’Connor series of books with their settings in Northern Minnesota.

I enjoy reading from many genres, but if I had to pick three, I really enjoy reading mysteries, fiction and memoirs.

“Other types of Mysteries”

How about the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo cartoon series? We actually saw the vehicle while we’re on vacation for the kids spring break in March.


How many of you have played the board game Clue? Remember Professor Plum, with the Candlestick in the Library?

Even life is a mystery. I’ve heard it said many times. Not understanding the reasons why things happen can make us believe that they are a mystery. Sometimes clues are hidden with invisible ink or a in a code that needs to be decoded. But, if you find the right clues and put them in the right order, you just may be able to solve the Mystery!